Five Tips for Using Social Networks to Post Jobs

Today’s HRNewsDaily Guest Voice is from Pete VanSon, CEO of Ovation Technologies 

In the pursuit of the best employees, companies are using innovative methods to find the right people. Social networks are an excellent venue to post job ads.

Nearly 60 percent of U.S. businesses claim they will utilize social media this year, either exclusively or in conjunction with other recruiting methods.

It makes perfect sense; to find the best talent, employers must go where the people are. Generation Y or Millennials—those born after the mid-1980s—are rejecting traditional job search methods, such as blindly sending out resumes, cold-calling employers or pounding the pavement. With online tools, job seekers can undertake a comprehensive job search without leaving home.

In response, some companies have developed extensive job posting and hiring tools. They use technology to make the experience easy for both job seekers and employers.

Many businesses do not employ a staff of recruiters or HR in-house and likely outsource those functions. Hiring for them is daunting and a distraction and many have difficulty managing the process.

Applicant tracking systems, once only available to large companies have, are now available through software-as-a-service tools like Ovation, Taleo, Snagajob among others. These advanced systems are now convenient and affordable for businesses of any size.

The appeal of hiring software is straightforward; they simplify many recruitment tasks: from helping craft an effective job description to posting directly to the social networks like, Craigslist, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

In addition, web-based recruitment systems can provide online applications and collect resumes. What’s more, the best software integrates mobile apps, which gives employers flexibility to untether from the desk.

Ready to take hiring to the next level?

Here are five tips for using these new tools when posting jobs to social networks:

1. Write an appealing job post

Always make sure your job description is complete, realistic and engaging. A tired, tedious job post can easily be lost on a social network. The most powerful posts, ones with the highest response rates, stand out and talk to the candidate. Personalize your descriptions. The first person tense allows the reader view themselves in the job. Utilizing phrases like “you will be responsible to…” or “you will help the team achieve…” can make a difference in attracting confident team players.

2. Ask Questions Early

Asking the right questions early in the process will help identify qualified candidates quickly. Many hiring tools can be customized to ask candidates job-specific questions in advance of a face-to-face or telephone interview. For example, asking about reliable transportation, shift availability, or relocation preferences can be useful in vetting candidates to narrow your search.

3. Repost Often

Like a loaf of bread, social media posts can become stale quickly. New job postings continuously push older ones down the list.
To succeed, you must keep yours on top and ahead of the pack. The key is to repost often on sites like Craigslist and Twitter. This will keep your place on the best web page location. Frequent wording changes in the post can also help improve response rates.

4. Cast a Wide Net

Job applicants are not all in one place, searching for the perfect opportunities. For example, a potential restaurant manager may only be examining “Hospitality” or “Food Service” job listings. However, posting the same job in the “Business Management” or “Customer Service” categories  may produce other excellent candidates. Outstanding candidates can often be found by networking, so do not forget to start your search with a reach out to your contact list asking for referrals.

Since more applicants than ever are using mobile devices as a tool for job searches, online postings can reach an ever-expanding audience. When employers understand the increasing role of technology and social media in people’s lives, they can target job posts to a larger group of talent.

5. Respond Quickly

The ease of applying for jobs through social networks allows candidates to respond to various job posts. To get the right person for the job, sometimes employers have to act fast. If you see an attractive application, response or resume, respond to the applicant with timely emails, texts or a phone call indicating your interest.

Also, it is easy to forget about the pressure job seekers feel when waiting. Never leave anyone on the hook. Drop an email to all applicants, informing them whether they are or are not in the running. Respectful communication will always be appreciated, even if it is not pleasant news.

Technology makes finding your next superstar employee easier. However, competition for qualified candidates is stronger than ever By using the latest social recruiting  tools effectively, an employer can increase the chance of connecting to their next top hire.

Pete VanSon is the CEO of Ovation Technologies, LLC, a software company focused on developing web based mobile enabled applications for small businesses. He can be reached at .


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