4 Ways to Improve Employee Relationships NOW!

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An effective recruiting, hiring and on-boarding strategy is certainly valuable (and highly rewarding), but what about when the new hire is on board?

The way an employee is treated sets the foundation for years of dedicated service. Are you, your organization and human resources people doing everything they can to make sure employees are devoted, dependable and (most of all) productive?

It isn’t difficult to create an atmosphere of workplace engagement. In fact, here are four things managers can learn RIGHT NOW to improve employee relationships:

  • Set clear goals and expectations.

Communication is the principal feature of a good manager, a strong leader and an efficient organization. Every team member should see their role and what is expected of them. Are you doing everything to ensure your employees know what you want from them?

Just saying “sell more” or “make money” is not enough; provide details, be available to answer questions and provide clarification.

  • Recognition.

A modest “thank you” will go a far to boost morale in the workplace.  The need for acceptance is human nature. It can be small—for example, a handwritten note—or a better parking space for a job well-done. It demonstrates respect for the job they do, giving them encouragement to do better.

  • Fair and equitable treatment.

It is a basic rule: treat everyone as an equal and don’t talk down to anyone. Giving a warehouse person the same respect as your department head, or even a prominent investor or business associate, they will see that they are a valuable member of the team.

Give people respect, and they will answer it by working hard for you.

  • Give the people what they want—and need.

Buying your staff lunch is diverting from the daily grind, but providing comfortable desk chairs can provide much more good will in the office. New office equipment can make normal life on the job better, and every time they use the tool, it will reflect well on you.

This doesn’t mean giving up on having fun—an office party or gathering is a valuable tool to keeping up morale. Relying on one form of employee involvement can get tiresome—and a bored workforce is an unproductive one.

Don’t expect every employee to respond to every effort—you will never be able to please everyone. However, employee engagement is a numbers game—the more you try, the better your chances will succeed.

Who knows? Even the most resistant naysayer will soften, when they get a little recognition or a comfy office chair.

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