NEW! Google Nexus 7 Subscriber Giveaway

Welcome Fans of HRNewsDaily! For November, we are giving away a Google Nexus 7 Tablet for one lucky subscriber, thanks to our friends at Ovation Technologies… It’s easy to enter — just subscribe to — that’s it! Want MORE chances to win? Registered subscribers can follow on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn — spread the wordContinue reading “NEW! Google Nexus 7 Subscriber Giveaway”

Top Ten: Best Practices for Social Media in Background Checks

Recently, a survey found that half of all background checks by employers include a search on social media platforms. In some cases, this operation requires candidates to disclose usernames, passwords, and other information to have access to Facebook and Twitter accounts, e-mail, blogs, and other online content for review by prospective employers. This has triggeredContinue reading “Top Ten: Best Practices for Social Media in Background Checks”

Building a Safer, Dependable Workforce Using Background Checks [Infographic]

Anyone who works in a company with a Human Resources person or department knows, HR covers a lot of ground. Most HR personnel are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities–recruitment and hiring;  compliance and benefits administration; conflict resolution, training and asset protection. One essential job of HR is safety; making sure that employees are safe and companies free from legalContinue reading “Building a Safer, Dependable Workforce Using Background Checks [Infographic]”

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