Ditch These 3 Interview Questions NOW!

In hiring, recruiters and Human Resources professionals must remain one step ahead of the savvy candidate who knows all the tricks to putting on a terrific show at an interview.

Many of these “one-time-only dazzlers” have practiced enough to make their meeting an excellent one-person show.

By using online tools for research and networking, applicants on average have become better prepared for interviews. Often, they have memorized the answers to many common questions. This means HR pros need to be more creative—looking for different ways to get to the true nature of the candidate.

There are three interview questions to get rid of immediately—they are tired, clichéd, and have answers every candidate can deliver by heart. Try these instead, courtesy of The Resumator:

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A New Era in Recruiting

A New Age of RecruitmentLast year, 84 percent of recruiters and human resources departments used social media to reach passive candidates, people that might not have otherwise applied.

In 2012, companies used social media for recruitment in more than 80 percent of job openings?

Additionally, 7 out of 10 employers successfully hired a candidate through social media. Since using social media for recruitment, nearly half (49 percent) of companies benefited from a larger pool of talent to choose from.

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have a tremendous impact on the business strategy of companies, in virtually every industry, and recruitment is no exception.

By proactively targeting passive job seekers through social channels – online job postings and other applicant tracking systems attract only five percent of the workforce – firms broaden their scope and dramatically improve the quality of their workforce.

This infographic from  RemarkableHire takes a closer look at this new era of recruitment.

Infographic after the jump…

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