Ovation & Simply Hired: Partners for Better Hiring

Ovation Technologies Announces Partnership with SimplyHired and a New Personal Background Check Feature for Job Seekers

Tampa Bay, FL (PRWEB) November 28, 2012

Ovation &  SimplyHired have par

Tampa Bay based software company, Ovation Technologies, announced a partnership with SimplyHired that makes it easier for employers to advertise jobs through the Ovation hiring tool.

Ovation helps businesses create professional job posts that attract applicants and then post them to social networks and job boards. It also simplifies the selection process by ranking incoming candidates according to suitability so the best ones stand out.

Ovation actually makes hiring fun!

Job posts powered by SimplyHired.com gives Ovation users the option to reach an even wider range of potential job candidates in order to find the best fit for openings. SimplyHired.com joins Indeed.com and Monster.com and others as job board options for businesses using Ovation.

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Personal Background Checks for Job Seekers

Ovation Technologies also announced that a new feature for job seekers. Personal Background Check is a feature that allows job seekers to run their own personal background screens to discover what employers see when running these checks.

Erroneous background results can cost candidates a job, so the new Personal Background Check option from Ovation Technologies gives job seekers an opportunity to find and fix mistakes. These checks can also help pinpoint identity theft issues, so job candidates will have no reason to worry about what employers are seeing when running a background check.

A recent study by SHRM revealed that 70% of employers check backgrounds; shouldn’t you know what they are seeing?

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Wasting Away: Non-Work Activities Cost Employers Billions in Lost Productivity [Infographic]

Employees are expensive, and when they spend time on non-work-related tasks, they are even more costly—to the tune of billions in lost productivity.

Office workers spend hours online, and the business liability insurance company BOLT developed this infographic to show how much time American workers waste during an average workday.

According to BOLT, employees that spend time on “non-work tasks” cost their employers nearly $134 billion a year.

The largest time-wasters at work:

  • Browsing the Web
  • Communicating on social networks
  • Watching sports

Sports represent a large chunk of lost work time, where businesses lose nearly $1.1 billion a week in time spent on fantasy football teams.

According to the employees surveyed, online activities are not the only way to waste a workday.  Many “work-related” tasks are just as wasteful:

  • Attending ineffective meetings
  • Fixing others’ mistakes
  • Putting up with gabby co-workers.

According to BOLT, 43 percent of employees say they waste time having to settle warring sides in conflicts about office politics.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that almost half of workers (46 percent) say they use the time from 9 to 5 to search for another job. That could also be the basis for the popularity of LinkedIn.

Second only to Facebook, the professional networking site beats out Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Amazon as sites employees admit to surfing to during work hours.

Infographic after the jump…

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