Recruit New Employees Using Facebook [Infographic]

How To Recruit New Employees Using Facebook [Infographic]Today to find talent, employers don’t even have to log out from Facebook.

LinkedIn may be appropriate to find a computer whiz, insurance agent or other professional, but Facebook is increasingly where it’s at for human resources to find new employees.

Nearly every young professional is turning to Facebook, with over 1 billion users world-wide. This infographic—by HireRabbit—shows that 48% of all job seekers did a search on Facebook last year.

Among other intriguing facts, the graphic shows that many top brands have career pages on Facebook pages—Starbucks, Red Bull, Levi’s and others.

Few employers know that 1 in 5 job seekers have updated professional information to their Facebook profile and monitor them regularly.

The Facebook job recruitment infographic, after the jump…

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