Managing Millennials

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Managing Millennials, by Matt Straz…

I sometimes hear my fellow Gen-X managers complaining about this younger generation.

They feel that Millennials, after years of schooling and parents who doted on them, have an outsize sense of entitlement.

This is in contrast to the broken homes and harder path that many Gen-Xers experienced.

But after getting to know the Millennials, I’ve come to appreciate their unique qualities. Sure, they can be self-absorbed at times. But they also work great in groups, are open-minded and respectful of others.

Here’s how they’re different, and how I have responded as a manager:

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Tips on Building a Small Business Brand Online [Infographic]


There is an ebb and flow in business, with new products and services regularly replacing old ones. However, brands are what offer the stability that goes beyond new product launches and advertising campaigns.

Brands are what consumers use to evaluate their purchasing decisions, as well as how they determine the quality of a product. The Internet is the largest platform where new brands are built.

This is not only true for Internet giants like Google and Facebook, but brick-and-mortar brands, as well.

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