Behavioral Interviewing: How to Be a STAR!

Interview (Photo credit: smiling_da_vinci)

“Tell me about a time you solved a problem.”

An interviewer who has never uttered these words is simply missing an opportunity—and is only performing half an interview.

This question, and all the different ways it can be worded, is at the heart of the behavioral interview, and gets to root of a company’s current problem—finding the person who is a perfect fit for the company and its culture.

Behavioral interviewing is a structured process to determine if the candidate has both the character and work ethic required for a particular position.

Rarely focusing on the technical skills required for the job; the purpose of behavioral interviews is to be more of a matchmaker. Like in the dating world, behavioral interviews succeed best when they finding compatibility between the prospective employee and employer.

And just like dating, the consequences of a poor match in hiring can be frightening. A lousy hire wastes money, time and energy.

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