8 Metrics Every HR Manager Needs To Know

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The human resources department is not income generating.  We measure our value and effectiveness not in sales numbers, but the people we hire, train, develop and lead.  How the value of HR is measured at your organization is dependent upon a number of different factors.  It depends on your senior leaders and what they want from their HR team, your company’s focus and mission, and the industry you serve.

No HR department is the same and is unique to the company’s culture and the employees within that organization. When it comes to human resources measurement and metrics, there has been no short of conversations and controversy around what metrics are important to executive and organizational leadership.

While I’m not here to participate in the HR organization metrics debate, I think it’s important to start somewhere as you begin to establish a baseline and measure for the organization.

Go to the original post for the 8 human resource metrics and formulas to get you started in demonstrating your department’s ROI for the organization:


Images: Courtesy Glassdoor Blog

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