Human Resources: Is Hiring the Solution? 4 Questions to Ask

Human Resources: is hiring the solution?
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What procedures do you, or your human resources department, perform before posting a job opening? Do you even have a strategy? There are a few questions you should ask before you decide to hire a new employee.

One way to solve an employer’s problem in the workplace is to automatically hire new people. There are other choices, such as restructuring an existing team, setting up an employee referral program or other options that doesn’t take as much time and money .

To find out if hiring a new employee is the best solution for you, first have a way to analyze your current situation and make a list of “best practices.”

There are four key questions human resources should answer, even before you can think of beginning the hiring process:

Why would a highly qualified candidate want to work here?

In looking for your next star employee, you should have a list of at least 5 reasons why an A-list employee would want to work there. Without those reasons, human resources may have to make significant changes prior to starting a search for a superstar.

What are the qualities of a perfect candidate?

Management and human resources departments should have a clear idea of the perfect candidate, as well as a definite idea of the qualifications necessary to do the job.

Is there a need to hire, or can human resources solve the problem with existing personnel?

Human resources presonnel may want to look at existing team members, and use their input as part of the decision to hire additional staff. Perhaps they could handle the responsibilities of a new person, spreading the tasks among them. It could be coupled with an increase in pay. Giving four people a $2 per hour raise to take on more work is less expensive than hiring a new person at $10 per hour.

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What steps do we take right now to ensure our best people stay with us?

Before any hiring or recruitment, executives, managers and human resources departments must know what actions they are taking currently to retain the best employees. Long-term retention of the candidate who gets the job should also be considered.

Recruitment and hiring are the cornerstones of the success of any organization. However, it does require a substantial investment; in time, energy and money. Your time is valuable! If you don’t take at least a moment to think about how human resources can use existing assets before looking to the next hire, the hiring process may end up wasting time.


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