Still Unemployed? Close Your Skills Gap to Get the Job!

Are you looking for the right job for this economy? You may be part of the widening “skills gap” in the U.S.

To find the right job quickly, you need to get up to speed! Develop the appropriate abilities employers require, starting with the information in this infographic.

Are you looking for the right job for this economy? You better get up to speed with the appropriate skills.In a recent survey of hiring managers and human resources departments, most candidates lack the skill set required by employers. This “skills gap” may be what keeps you from getting the perfect job.

Increasingly, there is a difference between the skills recruiters and human resources departments are looking for, and the skills most candidates possess when applying for a job. This problem adds to the widening breach between academic abilities and basic requirements that businesses demand for workers to remain competitive.

When looking at the numbers, skills gap becomes even more significant. It is what is driving structural unemployment in the U.S. to the highest levels in history.  Over 12 million working-age Americans were unemployed in 2010 while at the same time, the country experienced a shortage of 7 million skilled workers, according to numbers put out by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What makes this news really bad—this employment situation does not seem to be getting any better; unfilled skilled jobs are expected to reach 21 million by 2020.

The skills gap survey, conducted by DeVry University and the Career Advisory Board, asked employers to prioritize the skills they value most. Of all respondents, the top two skills were a larger view of the big picture (strategic perspective) and high integrity. Good understanding of technology and ability to network were at the bottom of the list as least relevant skills to get a job in this market.Human Resources: Free live ovation demo

A lack of academic achievement is seen to be the cause of the gap between jobs and available workers. This is on top of the difference in “soft skills” that make a candidate a good fit for a company. Having the right soft skills can make up for lapses in technical proficiency, since employee can learn practical skills. Hiring managers indicated that, if you don’t have them now, don’t worry; most of the essential skills can be learned!

It should not be surprising that the right mix of skills puts you in demand to hiring managers, recruiters and human resources departments.  The challenge is to minimize the disproportion between an employer’s immediate needs and the skill set the job seeker actually has.

This infographic outlines what job seekers can do to make themselves more attractive to employers…

Are you looking for the right job for this economy? You better get up to speed with the appropriate skills.


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