Four Signs it is Time to Fire Human Resources

Human resources can be an indispensable element in any organization.

On the other hand, through bureaucracy and stagnation, human resources can also hold some businesses back.

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Four signs you it might be time to fire your human resources people:

  • They always agree with management.

The best HR people are not rubber stamps for management. It might be right for a manager’s ego, but a human resources person who always agrees with management is far from doing their job.

The purpose of HR is to support the business, but there are times when business practices are wrong, or worse. There are moments when a human resources professional must speak up, regardless of the popularity of the practice.

Be careful when you realize your HR person never says no to management. They may not have the true interests of the company in mind.

  • They are too strict with the rules.

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoYes, human resources are about compliance with the rules, but every rule has a context. Undeniably, you must follow laws about racial discrimination and sexual harassment. However, some policies are generally good, but there are some reasonable exceptions.

For example, permitting pay raises only during annual performance reviews is one rule that should be—when necessary—purposefully broken.  If your HR people balk at every single exception, it may be time to get some new HR people.

  • They plainly do not know your business.

Having human resources expertise and knowledge is one thing, but the best HR pros go beyond performance appraisals and EEOC compliances. Your human resources person needs to know your business vision, needs and goals. They should have a well-rounded understanding of your company, other than issues directly related to HR.

  • Hiring managers never see qualified candidates.

If recruiters cannot conduct a thorough phone screening or review resumes with an eye for your business needs, there might be a problem.  Everyone involved in hiring should distinguish the “gotta have” abilities and “nice to have” talents and qualifications. If not, then the next hire should be a new recruitment team.

This also ties in with HR understanding your particular situation. How can they send you the best people, unless they can identify what makes a person a qualified candidate?

Finding suitable candidates has always been a challenge, but a steady flow of unqualified candidates is a waste of everybody’s time.


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