Infographic Resumes: Here to Stay, Or Just a Passing Fad?

The most difficult part of a modern job search is determining if the latest technology is a definite movement or only a passing fad. One example is infographic resumes.

Infographic resume (2)Everyone agrees that finding a job can be a job in itself, especially for employers who have to sift through thousands of identical resumes. So it might be reasonable to think job seekers will use eye-catching tricks in an attempt to stand out. One popular trend has become the infographic resume.

With infographic resumes, is it more than just a fad? It could be here to stay.

Video resumes are a prime example of technology gone awry—perhaps even becoming a running joke with employers. Some experts swear by them, others say job seekers should stay away.

The same is true with infographics, the vision and design phenomenon that has now made its way into the world of the resume.

How to Hire the Best Talent: Ovation Technologies

Infographics have already become common business tools, popular for summarizing information in visually appealing ways and making them easy to understand.

It is not difficult to imagine job seekers will try to do the same for their qualifications, strengths and abilities.

Isn’t that is the point of a resume, anyway?

However, an effective infographic resume should depend on the situation and type of job you are seeking. Do it right and it could get you noticed (in a good way); do infographic resumes wrong, and you may be the object of office jokes for years to come.

Four tips for creating a successful infographic resume:

  • Take it seriously

The perfect resume is an investment in your career, like hiring a recruiter or buying an expensive suit. Going cheap in an infographic resume will do you no good. Unless you are an expert graphic designer, leave infographic resumes to the professionals.

  • Don’t rush into it

In just about everything, good quality takes time. In addition, it should be a collaborative effort with the job seeker and the design professional. The more information you provide and the better your results will be, but remember, excellent designs do not happen overnight.

  • Simplicity is everything

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoResist the urge to include all the bells and whistles; they can become overwhelming to the reader fast.

Although you only have a few valuable seconds to make an impression, your resume will never be noticed when it is just too busy. Excess data will make it look like a big mess.

  • Be relevant to the job

Create your resume for the job you want, more than simply who you are. Infographic resumes will grab certain employers, while they may leave others cold (or scratching their heads). Make sure your “thinking out of the box” is suitable for the company where you are applying.

On top of it all, keep one thing in mind: never rule out anything! Let your imagination get you the job!

Some samples of well-designed infographic resumes:

Infographic resume sample

Infographic resume (2)

Infographic resume


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