Beyond Money: How to Win and Keep Top Performers

Learn the secrets for Human Resources to keep employees happy, productive and  supporting businesses through the tough economic times.
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All successful companies have one thing in common—dedicated and satisfied employees. These people are the heart of any thriving company, found at every level of an organization—from Human Resources departments and the boardroom to the mail room.

Everyone has a hand in establishing a positive corporate culture.

A solid business perspective starts and finishes with its people—beginning with strong leadership and flowing through the structural chain, to rank and file workers—the keys to superior business performance. Continue reading “Beyond Money: How to Win and Keep Top Performers”

Culture Starts with Onboarding

Onboarding is Essential For A Corporate CultureThink back to your first day on a new job. Remember the feelings of enthusiasm and anticipation?

Starting a new job is always an exhilarating experience; it is often the time when energy, excitement and expectations are at their peak. Those crucial first days are also an excellent time to give the new employee the right start, putting them on the path to flourish within the organization.

Hospitality, more than almost any other industry, is geared to providing extraordinary experiences to the end-user. These businesses survive (or not) through customer service, and often it rests on a great first impression.

If first impressions are so vital to the customer, wouldn’t it be the same for new employees? Continue reading “Culture Starts with Onboarding”