Don’t Let Onboarding Sink New Hires

The new employee orientation process is commonly known as “onboarding.”

Your business should make every effort during onboarding to make new hires feel welcomed prepared for a productive future with the company.

OnboardingThere are four concepts to understand what makes onboarding a success—for both the new worker and the company:


First off, beginning the onboarding process should be to familiarize new hires with the corporate family. Getting to know the people in the office could help prevent embarrassing situations—such as the new employee who asks a stranger to help with the copier, only to discover later that the stranger was the CEO.


For new hires, the first few days will be filled with uncertainty. Think about your first days at a new job—filled with a combination of endless questions and unbridled enthusiasm.  Make the effort to make the first period engaging, painless, fun and as easy as possible.

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoBy fostering positive feelings throughout the onboarding process, chances that the employee will stay motivated will increase significantly. New employees want to do a good job, making it simple will allow them to do so.


Every workplace has its own set of rules, guidelines and processes —as well as tips and tricks for getting things done. It will not benefit anyone to have him or her learn things “the hard way.”

Every organization has its own set of benefits and rewards. Knowing the perks of the job adds value to them from the beginning. Have a plan for new hires to keep track of what they are eligible for, as well as knowing when to maximize them for their benefit.

Post procedures, policies and social functions in a predominant place, readily accessible to everyone. Simply telling the new hire during the hectic first few days, and it will sure to be lost in the shuffle. Develop an online resource for the pertinent information, updating it regularly so they can refer to it frequently.


Nothing sucks the spirit out of a new hire than a first day filled with nothing but paperwork. It is not that forms are not essential; it is just that they are so impersonal and unwelcoming. Onboarding is a process that is a little different for each new hire.

How to Hire the Best Talent: Ovation TechnologiesConsider a buddy system for onboarding, a welcoming mentor that will help the new employee get a feel for the organization. First impressions only happen once, so now the only time to make them count.

As far as orientation paperwork, sending a welcoming email before the first day could eliminate much of the first day rush to fill out the necessary forms.

It is a fact; happy employees are more productive. You put a lot of effort into hiring the best talent, so don’t let onboarding destroy all that hard work.



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