4 Best Ways to Prepare for Job Interviews

Take a look at the top three most anxiety producing events in a person’s life: Public Speaking Death Failure It is no wonder that preparing for a job interview causes so much grief—it combines two of the three No, you are not going to die in your interview (although you may feel like it), butContinue reading “4 Best Ways to Prepare for Job Interviews”

No Bad Hires: Interview Questions to Ask First!

For both employers and job seekers, the whole process of filling a vacant position rests on one thing — a great interview. Much hangs in the balance, and the dialogue of the interview can be the deciding factor. Hiring the wrong employee—not just lacking skills, but a poor fit for the company culture—can cost thousandsContinue reading “No Bad Hires: Interview Questions to Ask First!”

Top Ten: Your First Day On the Job

Preparing for your first day on a new job can be more than a little intimidating; you are stepping into an environment with many unknowns—variables that are next to impossible to get before you step into the office. It can be frightening, but is also one of the most exciting moments in your life. AlthoughContinue reading “Top Ten: Your First Day On the Job”

5 Things Hiring Managers Really Look For

Job interviews are much like auditions, often it is the excellent performance that gets the gig. However, not everyone is cut out to provide stellar performance in the pressure chamber of an interview. Even for the best candidates, a moment in the spotlight can give them a sense of stage fright. The first lesson inContinue reading “5 Things Hiring Managers Really Look For”

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