7 Tips for Business Success

7 Tips for Business Success

Certified Management InstituteToday’s HR Guest Voice is from Jon Freeman of the UK’s Chartered Management Institute:

Revealing the secrets of success of high performing organizations, a report from CMI-Penna, produced with Henley Business School provides a number of practical questions for all employers to consider:

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HR MUST Embrace Social Media [Inforgaphic]

HR MUST Embrace SocialFor many human resources professionals, it is not a matter of “if” the time has come to embrace social media, but “why” they have not embraced it sooner…

Social media has stopped being a novelty (or  passing fad) and has become an integral part of the business strategy for many companies. From advertising and customer service, to hiring and talent management, social media has an impact — intensifying the scope of the small corner stores to global corporations, and everything in-between.

Business has always been social — social media now makes business PERSONAL.

This infographic from C&S Safety Training Videos doesn’t JUST suggest HR embrace social media — it says it MUST:

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Job Seekers: You Are Being Watched!

Beware: Potential Employers Are Watching You
The Wall Street Journal
Image: WSJ.com

Everyone is aware of the significance of a strong first impression; for job seekers, it could make or break their chances.

The way you are seen as a candidate and potential employee is critical, especially when you have invested so much time and effort developing a personal brand.

As impressions go, resumes and interview skills should be no-brainers. Few will argue the importance of being seen as competent and experienced. Resumes should always be honest, readable and error free; interview performances are confident and well-practiced.

However, what if none of those are the first thing a potential employer sees? What appears when the recruiter or human resources department does a basic Google search prior to the interview? Would they find anything disqualifying? Who would be the judge?

In a growing number of cases, the online profile is the first thing employers learn about an applicant. Internet searches are easy to implement, so it is inevitable that they would go first to the web. Nothing is keeping a company from performing searches of publicly available information.

Of course, social media feeds are now commonplace; with that, images of indiscretions are just as common. Nearly all of us have something regretful posted online.  Is that an innocent mistake, or a sign of poor decision-making?

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The Best Social Media Tools for Small Business

5 Social Media Recruiting Tools for Small Business

In the past, large companies devoted huge amounts of money to recruitment of the best talent, often leaving small business in the dust.

For someone with a small startup, both time and money are in short supply. This leaves many entrepreneurs looking for hassle-free ways to bring on great people quickly.

Social media has stepped up to the challenge; providing tools for businesses of any size to recruit, hire and train employees in convenient, easy-to-use and affordable ways.

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13 Things HR WON'T Tell You

Human Resources SecretsThe road to getting an excellent job is never in a straight line.

Often, it is filled with twists, turns, secrets, surprises and (maybe) a few missteps.

Many job seekers send out their resumes of recruiters and human resources departments and pray for the best. In many cases, they are left the dark about exactly what goes on behind the scenes in hiring.

This uncertainty makes it difficult to be effective in a job search; the process is little more than a guessing game.

When hiring, HR departments have one clear goal—to wade through a flood of resumes and applications, searching for the best candidates with the skills and abilities that the employer needs to do the job.

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