How Small Business Can Hire The Best Talent

How Small Business Can Hire The Best Talent

As the economy is beginning to show signs of a (slow) recovery, the focus is on the hiring patterns of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

SMBs are the leading indicators of business growth; their preference in hiring new employees will give everyone else hope for a brighter future.

College graduates are increasingly turning to SMBs for a foothold in the job market; small business is where many find their first jobs right out of school.

As a “canary in the coalmine” for the economic health of the country, small business is faced with the task of finding the best talent possible—and it IS a challenge.

For one, most SMBs do not have a dedicated Human Resources department. This leaves the job of recruitment to the business owners (or trusted managers). Often, these employees are burdened with heavy schedules, unable to devote the time and energy to hire the right people.

According to a survey in the UK by graduate business analysis website, large corporations continue to dominate the post-graduate hiring outlook, but mid-market companies are beginning to crack the top 100.

This suggests the recruiting process through online hiring is critical, due to the time restraints of a rapidly growing small company. With high-growth businesses, the key is to have a steady stream of graduate and post-graduate talent.

In an informative article in The Guardian, Alison Coleman writes about the importance of SMBs in attracting new talent, and the economy as a whole:

In an anxious wait for signs of economic recovery, all eyes are on SMEs. Seen as the champions of UK growth, their leaders are among the most optimistic about the future. But there are barriers holding them back; not access to funding, but finding the right staff.

According to a recent report which polled SME leaders, the biggest barriers to growth were attracting employees with the right set of skills; finding talent in the local area; retaining employees; attracting top managerial talent, and ensuring that they have sufficient funds to take advantages of opportunities that may arise.

Read the full article—How to Recruit the Best Graduates for Small Businessesin The Guardian


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