The Best Social Media Tools for Small Business

5 Social Media Recruiting Tools for Small Business

In the past, large companies devoted huge amounts of money to recruitment of the best talent, often leaving small business in the dust.

For someone with a small startup, both time and money are in short supply. This leaves many entrepreneurs looking for hassle-free ways to bring on great people quickly.

Social media has stepped up to the challenge; providing tools for businesses of any size to recruit, hire and train employees in convenient, easy-to-use and affordable ways. CEO Donna Wells talks to about the best social media tools for small business hiring. Mindflash is a web platform used to effectively manage employees, with training and shared information.

By  for Mashable:

Back in the day, I ran big organizations with fat budgets and spent a lot of money on recruiters — sometimes with good results. Now, in my fifth startup, I want and have to do recruiting personally.

Since time is the only resource more scarce than dollars, I’m always on the hunt for slick new tools and apps that can address the labor-intensive process of finding and hiring great people. With the advent of social media and cloud apps, there are some great new solutions out there. From automated applicant responses to upgraded versions of old recruitment standbys, there’s a new guard of socially focused recruiting tools designed for your every hiring need. Here are a five to take note of.

1. The Resumator

Image: Mashable.comImage: Mashable.comWhat it is: Applicant tracker, social recruiter, email replacer

How it works: This tool helps hiring managers keep real-time tabs on where their job listings are posted and who’s looking at them. Upload a job description to the site and it automatically posts it to FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter

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