Business Wants More Collaboration With Government [Infographic]

Collaboration with Business and Government

One thing almost everyone can agree with—government needs to communicate better.

Nearly 96 percent of public-sector employees polled by GovDelivery said they believed that stronger relationships with agencies, consultants and the public would be beneficial.

This infographic by GovDelivery outlined a snapshot of public-sector opinion listing the top reasons for increased collaboration:

  • A way to provide better service to the public.
  • Improved decision-making.
  • Increased efficiencies.
  • Decreased time spent responding to critical issues.

“Our recent research reveals that government employees need to create more collaborative communities to manage communications both inside and outside their organizations, connecting with other agencies, citizens and government consultants,” said GovDelivery CEO Scott Burns.

The most important collaboration tool, according to 71 percent of the employees polled, is the ability to share documents and photos online.

About 56 percent said they wanted analytics and reporting tools, 43 percent reported the importance of email integration with discussion forums, and 43 percent reported a desire for administrative control of collaborative participants.

According to the infographic: “It’s clear that government employees see the need to create more collaborative communities to manage communications inside and outside specific agencies or entities, between citizens, government consultants.”

Infographic after the jump…

Collaboration with Business and Government
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