Most Overrated and Underrated Jobs Rates the Most Overrated and Underrated Jobs   CARLSBAD, Calif., Sept. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Some of the most appealing jobs in today’s workplace are underrated, while alluring jobs like advertising agency executive, photojournalist and public relations executive may hold cachet – but they also have a downside, landing them on the CareerCast listContinue reading “ Most Overrated and Underrated Jobs”

Sharpen Your Management Skills!

In this economy, a small business requires more than just a positive attitude and hardworking management and staff. The nominal “Great Recession” has made the game much fiercer.  Mastering essential management and leadership skills could be just the thing small businesses will need to make it through the dark times. Not every business owner hasContinue reading “Sharpen Your Management Skills!”

HR and Human Behavior: How to Maintain Legal Integrity

When dealing with employees, human resources staff are often called to tread carefully, and diffuse volatile situations—for both compliance and to avoid legal liability. An effective HR function is only as strong as their ability to deal successfully with a wide range of human behavior. In addressing employee scenarios—from firings, layoffs and complaints—the key isContinue reading “HR and Human Behavior: How to Maintain Legal Integrity”

Best Hiring Practices for Small Business

There is little doubt that now is an exciting time to be a small business, especially when it comes to hiring. It is certainly a “buyers” market for qualified candidates. Every job opening could be flooded with applications. With the right combination of strategy, technology and commitment, organizations can make the right hire—quickly and confidently. Here areContinue reading “Best Hiring Practices for Small Business”

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