Job Search Stuck In Neutral? Do This NOW!

Every game has a break in the action, the slack moments when little goes on. Job searches are no different; there will be periods of downtime, with no forward movement toward the next phase of your career. Stuck in neutral?  Here are three main job search areas to focus on NOW. Work on them immediately,Continue reading “Job Search Stuck In Neutral? Do This NOW!”

The New Job Hunt [Inforgraphic]

Candidates now treat the job search like any other major purchase, by learning about companies and comparing them online. Passive job seekers may be a thing of the past, with seven out of ten full-time workers searching for new opportunities. The ease of online access is making most employees open to changing jobs, with a slight advantage going toContinue reading “The New Job Hunt [Inforgraphic]”

9 Ways to Save Money During Job Search

 From J.T. O’Donnell for Okay. So you lost your job and are looking for a new one. According to the career coaching industry, it can take at least one month of job search for every $10,000 you want to make annually. So, if you were making $50K and are hoping to make that again, you shouldContinue reading “9 Ways to Save Money During Job Search”

The Carnival of HR – Fall Colors Edition

Today begins the Carnival of HR, a collection of some of the best voices in the Human Resources profession. This Carnival–the “Fall Colors Edition”–is hosted by The People Equation, a blog covering workplace dynamics from Jennifer V Miller. With 21 great blog posts, there is plenty of great information on HR, business management and leadership. 

SmashFly Named 2012 #HRTechConf Company to Watch

From BY CHRIS BRABLC ⋅ OCTOBER 9, 2012 Exciting news coming around the HR Technology Conference for SmashFly Technologies.  Industry veteran and analyst George LaRocque (@glarocque) put together a great list of companies that are doing exceptional things around HR and talent acquisition technology and SmashFly is honored to be included on that list.

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