Recruit-O-Graphic [Inforgraphic]

If you’re inspired by Infographics, why not use one as part of your recruitment process? This one by Belgium-based Kite Consultants drew hundreds of tweets and likes on their own site as well as several shares on other websites. It’s a great way to make sure your recruitment ad gets shared by many others. And it’s not too difficultContinue reading “Recruit-O-Graphic [Inforgraphic]”

Raymond James HCM Newsletter Oct 2012

The Raymond James Human Capital Monthly Newsletter provides a comprehensive overview of sector-specific public company performance and relative trading multiples, recent M&A and financing transactions as well as other important events that have taken place in the sector. From a business model perspective, it spans Human Capital companies across software/internet, outsourcing, transaction/data processing and staffingContinue reading “Raymond James HCM Newsletter Oct 2012”

6 Steps To Calculate Talent Management ROI

Increasingly, organizations look to return on investment (ROI) of departments traditionally difficult to quantify, such as hiring and talent management. It may be tough, but it can be done! Investors, CEOs and executives are constantly examining administration costs, for accurate ways to calculate ROI. In fact, no corporate sector is immune to ROI scrutiny. ResearchContinue reading “6 Steps To Calculate Talent Management ROI”

Small Buisness Digest: Buisness Voices Now Online!

Business enterprise gets a new, informative voice with the launch of the online version of Small Business Digest. For October 2012, Information Strategies Inc. introduces an electronic version of Small Business Digest, the print version being the place–for more than 10 years–leaders turned to get valuable insights on the business landscape.

Networking Nuisance: Best Way to Avoid Being Annoying

From a post by J.T. O’DONNELL for I was speaking to a group of job seekers recently about the “new rules” of networking and the following question came up: I’ve connected with a lot of people and they’ve all been very helpful in giving me advice and answering my questions. Some even agreed to meet with me forContinue reading “Networking Nuisance: Best Way to Avoid Being Annoying”

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