What Makes Workers Happy… or Sad? [Infographic]

 What makes a worker happy?

According to a poll by the Gallup organization, 72 percent of workers are unhappy—defined as “essentially sleepwalking through their day.” In addition, 25 percent of employees are actively searching for new jobs.

This wave of dissatisfaction can be a nightmare for human resources professionals, who are tasked with keeping workers engaged.  The pressure is on—to find creative ways to make the workplace better, keeping people happy and turnover rates low.

Of course, HR can never satisfy every employee, but when more than two-thirds of the workforce can be described as “sad,” it is time to pay attention to ways to boost morale.

In this infographic from ComplianceAndSafety.com analyzes what makes an employee “happy” or “sad.” What is the recipe for happier office workers? One answer: greater opportunities for “workshifting”—telecommuting and working remotely.

Infographic after the jump…


Featured By: Compliance and Safety LLC Safety Training

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