Better Recruitment Immediately in Four Steps!

At one time or another, many of us will need to recruit new employees. It is a part of doing business.

Good recruitment strategies will unquestionably come in handy.


Knowing the best practices of recruitment help employers as well as both new and existing employees. Effective recruitment is a win-win for everyone; new hires benefit by being on the right track from the start, management wins by obtaining the best talent and potential for growth.

Effective recruitment practices are more than glancing at resumes and choosing the best candidate by gut feelings. Specific hiring procedures are the key to your company’s success.

With effective recruitment practices, you will find that the overall quality of your pool of candidates will advance. Better talent will also result in improved leadership as these new hires go up the corporate ladder.

Develop better recruitment strategies immediately with these four steps:

Step One: Have candidates be specific

Have job candidates provide specific examples of their skills. Instead of going over a dry listing of qualifications, which seem to be the majority of resumes, ask candidates to explain how their skills developed over the course of their career.

Step Two: Automate your screening process

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoAutomate your screening and resume search. This will streamline recruitment, making it much easier to manage and find the right resume, with qualifications and experience you need.

Technology—with computer-assisted interviewing—will further simplify the process.

Step Three: Assess and test all candidates

Develop a program of assessment and testing of candidates. Develop a system to predict the motivation of a particular candidate. Testing and evaluation will also identify people who are able to work with the company’s unique business values and culture. Use them to determine the knowledge, qualifications and abilities as they pertain to the job.

Step Four: Simulate to find the best for the job

Interviews and conversations are certainly valuable, but simulating the job functions will provide a much more accurate estimate of how the person will handle the position.

Of course, each job will have a different method of evaluation. A manufacturing job has a very different way of judging capacity than one for management positions. The assessment of managers can be much more complex.

If you do not believe your recruitment strategy needs modernizing, consider this: if your business relies on external candidates to fill management positions, then it could be signs of a faulty hiring process. Most companies have to hire leadership from outside the organization.

Use these four recruitment strategies to fix a serious talent loophole so you can generate a new crop of leaders.


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