Is Human Resources Ready for the “Big Table?”

2013 is supposed to be the year human resources get a seat at the “big table,” becoming a strategic business partner. But is your HR ready for the challenge? When thinking about the future, many human resources professionals say  in 2013, HR will finally have a place at “the big table.” This means human resourcesContinue reading “Is Human Resources Ready for the “Big Table?””

4 Things Never to Discuss With Human Resources

Human resources—whether it is a single person or a department—all have the same duties and responsibilities. Human resources protect the company against things like unsafe working conditions, turnover, lawsuits, employee morale, or paying employees too much. As an employee of the company, if you have issues, objections or complaints, it is natural to want to bring itContinue reading “4 Things Never to Discuss With Human Resources”

Busted! Five Human Resources Myths

In a previous post, we discussed “dirty little secrets” that every Human Resources professional should make clear to each employee. Some felt it was a little harsh. Yes, many human resources “secrets” should be obvious to a majority of workers, but unless employees aren’t told the truth (even obvious ones), how can you be sureContinue reading “Busted! Five Human Resources Myths”

Human Resources: Is Hiring the Solution? 4 Questions to Ask

What procedures do you, or your human resources department, perform before posting a job opening? Do you even have a strategy? There are a few questions you should ask before you decide to hire a new employee. One way to solve an employer’s problem in the workplace is to automatically hire new people. There areContinue reading “Human Resources: Is Hiring the Solution? 4 Questions to Ask”

Top Ten Human Resources Trends of the Decade

Four Human Resources Trends By Susan M. Heathfield,  for The top ten trends of the decade for Human Resources staff and the employees served at work were not obvious nor were they easy to pick from my original list. Depending on your company size, your location, and the health and progress of your company and industry,Continue reading “Top Ten Human Resources Trends of the Decade”

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