Tips on Building a Small Business Brand Online [Infographic]

  There is an ebb and flow in business, with new products and services regularly replacing old ones. However, brands are what offer the stability that goes beyond new product launches and advertising campaigns. Brands are what consumers use to evaluate their purchasing decisions, as well as how they determine the quality of a product.Continue reading “Tips on Building a Small Business Brand Online [Infographic]”

How to Build a Personal Brand [Infographic]

The key to any job search is to have the skills and experience that employers need.  More than that, to be truly successful, job seekers must also develop a strategy to market those skills. An advanced job search must effectively communicate that a candidate knows what they are doing, shows accomplishments and their potential forContinue reading “How to Build a Personal Brand [Infographic]”

The Growing Value of Employer Brands [Infographic]

The Growing Value of Employer Brands To highlight the increasing importance of Employer Brand Strategies, Bernard Hodes Group recently published a proprietary research report on The Growing Value of Employer Brands, and published a great infographic (after the jump).  Highlights: The responsibility for Employer Branding efforts lies most often with Human Resources (51%) The most popular external resourceContinue reading “The Growing Value of Employer Brands [Infographic]”

Delivering brand promise through human resources

From a great post by Carla Enslin, for If the statement still seems arguable, there is now a large groundswell of opinion that brand building is no mere function of marketing or communication, but rather a primary activity that engages the entire business value chain, from service or product ideation to the design andContinue reading “Delivering brand promise through human resources”

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