Social Media Recruitment: Six Metrics Show NOW is the Time!

Six key metrics indicate social media recruitment is here to stay

Social Media RecruitmentThe wave of the future? Clearly it is social media recruitment!

As the economy improves, passive job-seekers start becoming active. Everyone will be searching for the next great opportunity. In the past, executives needed only a well-qualified recruiter as the best way to reach the next phase of their career.

What does this mean for those in the field—those hard working people responsible for recruitment and hiring?

Social media recruitment continues to grow as individual platforms put more effort into helping businesses eliminate candidates using false credentials and posting inappropriate content. This makes social media recruitment a particularly intriguing trend. Recruiters, hiring and human resources managers are turning to social media to the best talent.

Six key metrics that indicate social media recruitment is here to stay:

  • Social Media Recruitment Continues To Rise.

There is still time for executives to get on board the social media recruitment bandwagon. The big three—Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter—as well as other social media platforms, continue to emerge as the primary source for the perfect candidates for the job.

LinkedIn continues to be the leader for professionals, but Facebook saw the largest increase in social media recruitment. Between from 2011 to 2012, 11 percent more candidates came through Facebook; one more reason to keep your wall posts clean.

  • The “Big Three” Are Not The Only Game In Town.

Google+, YouTube and even personal blogs are another significant source of potential candidates. Consider how these outlets are connected to a career. These statistics show that a website with a blog can be effective platforms and an excellent way to be noticed by companies and recruiters.

  • The Numbers Of Social Media Recruitment Candidates Are Rising.

Half of hiring managers say there been more candidates coming from social media recruitment. This means anyone—from the delivery room to the boardroom—considering a  career change should update their profiles to reflect their current position, responsibilities and job roles. Executives will find better chances of being hired.

  • LinkedIn Produces Better Actionable Recruitment Leads.

Nearly 90 percent of successful hires came via LinkedIn, far ahead of any other network for social media recruitment. Twenty-five percent were from Facebook and only 15 percent from Twitter. Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is the most significant business site. To see why LinkedIn has become the professional powerhouse, just look at some the features: endorsements from co-workers and colleagues, industry-specific discussions and forums, as well as lists of skills and resumes.

  • More Than Two-Thirds of Recruiters Rate Their Social Media Recruitment Skills as “Exceptional.”

There is no doubt that recruiters are heavy users of social media, but only with ordinary expertise, not as experienced professionals. Fortunately, the ease of use make it so recruiters can find applicants, without having to know the systems inside-out.

The key takeaway: never rule out candidates found by social media recruitment— they are now much more likely to make the cut.

Social Media Recruitment


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