Beyond Money: How to Win and Keep Top Performers

Learn the secrets for Human Resources to keep employees happy, productive and  supporting businesses through the tough economic times.
FREE: Beyond Money: How to Win and Keep Top Performers

All successful companies have one thing in common—dedicated and satisfied employees. These people are the heart of any thriving company, found at every level of an organization—from Human Resources departments and the boardroom to the mail room.

Everyone has a hand in establishing a positive corporate culture.

A solid business perspective starts and finishes with its people—beginning with strong leadership and flowing through the structural chain, to rank and file workers—the keys to superior business performance.

Progressive organizations are increasingly learning that lesson. Look at any list of the best companies to work for, they are filled with employees that sing their praises—people totally committed to the organization’s goals and vision.

The best organizations will depend and call on this core group of dedicated employees; to drive productivity, confidence and innovation.

Then why does research show employee loyalty beginning to decline worldwide?

Beyond Money: How to Win and Keep Top Performers

Job losses, cutbacks and a general sense of economic uncertainty are creating an environment not conducive to employee loyalty. When a company scales back, usually in response to unfavorable economic conditions, the remaining staff is left wondering if they are next on the chopping block.

Nobody wants to live under a cloud of uncertainty.

Every business owner will tell you; top performers are essential to keeping a firm afloat during tough times. These are the individuals on the front lines; safeguard a company against further downward movement.

That is why building and rebuilding employee loyalty is crucial for organizations to retain top talent, especially in a sluggish economy.

Loyal employees also represent substantial savings for business.  Costs associated with high turnover—acquisition, hiring and training new people—must be mitigated and controlled, even more so at a time when every penny counts toward a company’s long-term viability.

When it comes to human resources, advances in technology can be a lifesaver. New tools can keep the costs of hiring manageable for businesses of any size—systems like job board software, recruiting systems, online applicant tracking and employment screening services.

By offering low overhead costs and ease of implementation, these web-based programs can save  a company thousands when compared to the budgets associated traditional hiring tools.

Managing hiring costs are an invaluable priority, but it is employee involvement and motivation are the way a company can find long-term stability in an uncertain marketplace.

Yes, salary and bonuses can be valuable as an incentive to performance, but it is not the only way to encourage employee commitment.

In a recent study by, 25 percent of workers said that money is not a primary motivation at work.

As a Human Resources professional, how do you find out what makes your employees tick?

Beyond Money: How to Win and Keep Top Performers Learn the secrets to keeping your employees happy and productive; the things that support your company through difficult economic times.


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