9 Ways to Save Money During Job Search

 From J.T. O’Donnell for LinkedIn.com: Okay. So you lost your job and are looking for a new one. According to the career coaching industry, it can take at least one month of job search for every $10,000 you want to make annually. So, if you were making $50K and are hoping to make that again, you shouldContinue reading “9 Ways to Save Money During Job Search”

4 Biggest Mistakes: Crafting Great Job Descriptions

In the steps leading to recruiting, hiring and training your next top employee—the most valuable stage is crafting the job description. So why are there so many mistakes? A complete job description is like any other piece of great sales copy—it engages, informs and creates a strong call-to-action. Why is it that so many human resources departments makeContinue reading “4 Biggest Mistakes: Crafting Great Job Descriptions”

Networking Nuisance: Best Way to Avoid Being Annoying

From a post by J.T. O’DONNELL for Careerealism.com: I was speaking to a group of job seekers recently about the “new rules” of networking and the following question came up: I’ve connected with a lot of people and they’ve all been very helpful in giving me advice and answering my questions. Some even agreed to meet with me forContinue reading “Networking Nuisance: Best Way to Avoid Being Annoying”

Top Ten: Tips for Hiring Passive Candidates

Most workers see themselves as “passive candidates”—already employed full-time, but searching for new opportunities. They are willing to change employers, if the right prospects come along. A well-defined system can help tap into this pool of these passive candidates, and turning them into high-performing team members.  However, engaging passive candidates require particular attention. Ten tipsContinue reading “Top Ten: Tips for Hiring Passive Candidates”

How Job Seekers Stand Out From the Pack

The market for job seekers is highly competitive; a quick look at the unemployment rate can confirm that. With fewer jobs available to more people, employers seem to have the upper hand. Faced with a tough job market, there are ways that you (and your excellent skillset) can get noticed by employers. It is necessaryContinue reading “How Job Seekers Stand Out From the Pack”

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