Last Day to Subscribe and Win!

This is it! Your last chance to enter the HRNewsDaily Subscriber Giveaway! The contest to win a Google Nexus7 Tablet ends TONIGHT, November 30 at midnight Eastern time. Remember, anyone who subscribes to HRNewsDaily is eligible to win, but you have to do it NOW! Good luck, and thanks for supporting HRNewsDaily! Related articles NEW!Continue reading “Last Day to Subscribe and Win!”

Behavioral Interviewing: How to Be a STAR!

“Tell me about a time you solved a problem.” An interviewer who has never uttered these words is simply missing an opportunity—and is only performing half an interview. This question, and all the different ways it can be worded, is at the heart of the behavioral interview, and gets to root of a company’s currentContinue reading “Behavioral Interviewing: How to Be a STAR!”

Time Management Tips for Job Seekers

The job search can have one significant consequence—wasted time through poor time management. To look for a job requires focus, planning and commitment. Unfortunately, many job seekers end up thinking they have “time” on their hands—a dangerous conclusion that can quickly derail all their best efforts. To manage time wisely, you have to respond toContinue reading “Time Management Tips for Job Seekers”

A Great Resume: Broad Skills or Specific Talent?

On a job search, is it better to be adequate in a range of skills, or a pro in just one? Creating a strong brand—through well-written resumes—can be an invaluable tool. However, for years we were taught to craft resumes as a generalist, showing the candidate as someone ideal for a broad range of opportunities.Continue reading “A Great Resume: Broad Skills or Specific Talent?”

How to Spot Resume Lies

In a period of intense competition and shrinking budgets, recruiting, hiring and retaining the best employees is essential. The cost of a lousy hire is just too high. One problem—many people, in their quest to get a job, will not be accurate—or truthful—on a resume. With a few easy steps, you can protect you andContinue reading “How to Spot Resume Lies”

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