The Value of Employee Referrals [Infographic]

After a lengthy job search, you may have learned the indispensable principle of hiring—it truly is who you know. Networking with professional contacts is essential for job seekers in any business. High unemployment has led to a business environment where a larger number of candidates are applying for every open position. With that in mind,Continue reading “The Value of Employee Referrals [Infographic]”

Perception Gap: Between HR and Reality [Infographics]

How do your HR personnel keep a pulse on the organization? Kenexa asked HR professionals and employees about attitudes and commitment. Unfortunately, gaps still exist between employers and employees—in almost every area—from engagement to benefits administration.

Most Effective Recruiting in 2012? [Infographic]

Which recruiting sources worked the best in 2012? Has social media truly become a better way to find great talent? A new hiring practices survey conducted by answers these questions and more. The best resource for new employees is your existing workforce—a majority of hires were found through referrals. The leading job boards (likeContinue reading “Most Effective Recruiting in 2012? [Infographic]”

Business Wants More Collaboration With Government [Infographic]

One thing almost everyone can agree with—government needs to communicate better. Nearly 96 percent of public-sector employees polled by GovDelivery said they believed that stronger relationships with agencies, consultants and the public would be beneficial. This infographic by GovDelivery outlined a snapshot of public-sector opinion listing the top reasons for increased collaboration: A way to provide betterContinue reading “Business Wants More Collaboration With Government [Infographic]”

HR MUST Embrace Social Media [Inforgaphic]

For many human resources professionals, it is not a matter of “if” the time has come to embrace social media, but “why” they have not embraced it sooner… Social media has stopped being a novelty (or  passing fad) and has become an integral part of the business strategy for many companies. From advertising and customerContinue reading “HR MUST Embrace Social Media [Inforgaphic]”

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