The Secret to Innovation? Three Simple Words!

Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review (Photo credit: FunnyBiz)

Is there a secret to innovation? It may be found in three simple words:

“How Might We…”

Innovation and creative thinking writer Warren Berger analyzed this key phrase in a Harvard Business Review blog post.  He discussed the importance each word plays and its role in inspired problem-solving.

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Short & Sweet: The 30-Second Elevator Pitch

English: MBA students pitch their ideas during...
English: MBA students pitch their ideas during the Elevator Competition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Congrats! You made it!

You crafted a world-class resume, utterly compelling and error free. You met all the employer’s requirements and possess skills far more than the basic qualifications.

After having your resume parsed and nailing the initial screening, you finally have a final interview scheduled.

Time to get ready, because it will be your time to shine!

Confident in how you will show yourself to the employer, you are excited for the opportunity to discuss your skills, talents and enthusiasm.  For it to work, you know the meeting must start off with a bang!

All you need is an excellent introduction. No problem, you know what to say.

You DO know what you are going to say, do you?

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