Six Strategies for HR Leaders

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HR leaders hear lots of talk about “getting a seat at the table” among the leadership functions of an organization. But what does it really mean?

Simply put, CEOs are demanding a more strategic approach in managing today’s workforce needs, as well as in planning for future needs. As an HR leader, you take ownership of the talent strategy in your organization when you:

  • Follow the money and focus on fundamentals.
  • Get the most out of your talent data, your managers, and your employees.
  • Look into the future while keeping an eye on your talent metrics.

The secret to integrating HR and business processes?

It’s the secret to getting a seat at the leadership table. And it’s a secret you can learn in this complimentary guide.

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Demand for IT Professionals [Infographic]

From Cisco via

This infographic illustrates how IT professionals are enjoying a continuously increasing demand for their services due to the industry’s constant evolution with advancements such as social networks and mobile applications: Continue reading “Demand for IT Professionals [Infographic]”

Ovation Tech Announces Key Updates

Ovation Technologies Introduces Key Product Updates at HR Technology Conference & Expo In Chicago

Chicago, Ill. – October 2, 2012–Ovation Technologies, the cloud-based recruiting and employee on-boarding software, launched several key updates to its product today at the HR Technology Conference & Expo in Chicago, Illinois. In an effort to better serve its customer base of small and medium-sized businesses; Ovation has enhanced its existing product to streamline recruiting workflow, increased product accessibility, simplified its pricing and improved upon its already popular mobile platform. Continue reading “Ovation Tech Announces Key Updates”

ADP: Companies Do Little To Control Absenteeism

ADP Survey Reveals U.S. Employers Not Taking Concrete Steps to Control Workplace Absenteeism

Absenteeism clearly affects productivity and profitability, but few companies are taking concrete steps to control absence at work.

According to a new ADP Research Institute study, most companies track employee absences, many do not take steps to manage and reduce absenteeism. ADP is a leading provider of human resource management systems. Continue reading “ADP: Companies Do Little To Control Absenteeism”

Can We Manage Integrity?

We can’t roll time backward. We have to build systems that make future breakdowns much less likely, writes columnist Jac Fitz-enz

Talent management system

From Talent Management blog:

No one likes bad news. The worse the news, the less we want to hear about it, especially when it deals with issues that make us sick to our stomach.

Consider natural disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti or tsunami in Japan. Horrible death and destruction rained on thousands of people. There is little or nothing we can do about those calamities. Compare that to the Penn State Jerry Sandusky case. That is a failure of human proportions that we should do something about. Maybe that is why we want to put it behind us. It reminds us of our faults as human beings. Continue reading “Can We Manage Integrity?”