TribeHR Announces Reseller Program

HRM software to go...TribeHR, a leading provider of social HR software platforms, introduced their new  TribeHR Reseller Program.

This innovative program is designed for HR consultants and service providers, who now can provide a comprehensive HR software platform.

TribeHR joins companies such as UltiPro, SuccessFactors and Ovation to produce web-based HR software platform for businesses to manage the entire employee life cycle.

Cloud-based programs help SMBs with everything—from recruitment, applicant tracking and hiring, to time tracking and performance management.

These easy-to-implement and customizable HR software systems support HR to become less a slave to paperwork and more focused on people.
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Is It My Job to Fire Employees?

Is it HR’s job to fire employees?

Is it HR's Job to Fire?In most companies, the role of Human Resources staff is painted with a broad brush. Often, HR is tasked with the jobs that managers are reluctant to do—things like discipline, hiring and firing.

Many of these responsibilities belong to management, and rightly so. That is not to say that HR has no business in the decision to discipline, hire or fire; HR should assist management in these tasks, not replace them.

Consider the decision to fire someone. A human resources staffer does not have the first-hand information to make the decision independently. Direct supervisors have knowledge of an act that requires termination, or are familiar with the performance pattern that led up to the decision to fire.

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4 Best Ways to Prepare for Job Interviews

Take a look at the top three most anxiety producing events in a person’s life:

  • Public Speaking
  • Death
  • Failure

It is no wonder that preparing for a job interview causes so much grief—it combines two of the three No, you are not going to die in your interview (although you may feel like it), but speaking in front of others and failure can be powerful fears.

Throw into the mix the fact that the people you are speaking to in an interview are actively judging you, and the stress levels skyrocket!

That is what makes preparation so valuable; without it, fear can get hold and damage your confidence, your presentation and the chances you get the job.

There are hundreds of details to attend to pre-interview, but these four steps will help you be ready—and increase your chances of making the right impression, and land that job:
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Social HR and the Employee Lifecycle [Infographic]

For businesses that want to take advantage of social media, it can be a little confusing.  There are so many new tools available; the first challenge is to decide where to start.

The decision about how a company can “become social” is so much more than choosing delivery channels, like Facebook or Yammer.

A social business may start with the usual suspects—marketing and IT—but it goes so much further than that. The true soul of social strategy for business rests with Human Resources.

Without HR, a strategy incorporating social media platforms will stall before it has a chance, or at least never fully realized. They play a central role in connecting the program with the heart of a social program’s—employees.

If a company is serious about using social tools to transform their organization, then it must start with employees and HR. By examining the “life cycle” of employees and understanding the unique needs in each step in the process, you can see where HR can put social “in its place.”

Through this interesting infographic from, every level of employee—from recruitment, onboarding, continuing engagement and separation—can be socialized.

Infographic after the jump…

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