9 Questions for Getting Hired

The most important decision a company makes about employees is whether to hire them. Whether a company succeeds or fails ultimately depends on whether it hired the right people to effectively execute its strategies.

For job seekers, the primary goal is finding the right job for your skills, talents and personality. The resume is an excellent place to start, but it just that—only the beginning! A dynamite resume is just the first step—admittedly a significant step—in the journey toward a rewarding career.

As far as employers—the other side of the hiring equation—the priorities in the recruitment process are slightly different. If a company is in a position to hire, the primary purpose is getting enough qualified candidates to make a sound hiring decision.

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Who Is YOUR Customer? The Language of Resumes

Who is YOUR CustomerA resume has one clear goal; like any marketing or promotional document, it exists to make an extremely valuable sale.

The product your resume sells? That is YOU!

Any advertising pro will tell you that ad copy does not have to appeal to the promoter, senior management or company selling the product. Ad copy is for one person and one person only—the consumer.

Give your resume a fresh look; who is it written for?  Who is the audience for your resume?

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