5 Reasons Why Your Resume Bombed

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Good morning, job seekers! You know the drill.

Wake up, get some coffee, grab a bite to eat, fire up the computer and check your email.  If you are like most people, your inbox is already crammed with messages; some important, but most are junk, ads or spam.

Today, searching for a new job online entails sending out several (perhaps hundreds) of resumes. This is based on the idea that casting a wide net will reel in the “big fish”—eventually.

What usually happens is this…


Not the bite of the big fish. Not even a nibble by a guppy.

Now, consider the employer. HR departments and recruiters receive vast numbers of resumes every day; email inboxes are always filled with messages from hopeful applicants. And like your morning routine, most of the messages are unnecessary.

In addition, the hiring staff usually takes about 10 seconds to scan the average resume. This leaves them with little time to decide which resumes to call, and which ones to pass.  Choosing resumes that make it to the next level means matching the job to the applicant; all of this happens in an instant.

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No Bad Hires: Interview Questions to Ask First!

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For both employers and job seekers, the whole process of filling a vacant position rests on one thing — a great interview.

Much hangs in the balance, and the dialogue of the interview can be the deciding factor. Hiring the wrong employee—not just lacking skills, but a poor fit for the company culture—can cost thousands of dollars in lost time, effort and productivity.

Interview questions should be more than a routine discussion about experience, education and work history.

Great interviews go deep into the aspirant’s enthusiasm, drive, dependability and creativity. Focusing only on responsibilities and skills is a mistake; you have to decide who the candidate is—as a person.

Employees without drive, motivation and commitment to the company will eventually be indifferent and incompetent. That is unfair to the employee, co-workers and the company as a whole, as well as being a burden on resources—and a money drain.

Seven character questions to ask, and why they are crucial to find the right candidate. For job seekers, answer these questions and you will be ahead of the pack:
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