Human Resource Issues in the Hospitality Industry

By C2 Trinity for Many businesses in the hospitality industry – both small and large have difficulty in understanding their human resource and employment relations obligations whichever country or countries they operate in! This is understandable given the raft of legislation and regulations governing (drowning) the employment environment in which governments seem to revel in. TheContinue reading “Human Resource Issues in the Hospitality Industry”

ZOMBIES! The True Cost of a Bad Hire

Forty-one percent of companies estimate that a bad hire cost them more than $25,000. One in four say it cost them over $50,000… And these estimates are conservative. Frightening, right? Calculating employee turnover costs is always tricky. For those brave enough to try, simply add: Cost of time spent writing/posting jobs descriptions, reviewing resumes & interviewing candidates Cost of timeContinue reading “ZOMBIES! The True Cost of a Bad Hire”

Top Ten: Ways to Make a Temp Job Permanent

Many companies choose to “test” an employee before filling a vacancy, by hiring through temporary services, as contract workers or as interns. For the job seeker, a “temp” position is one of the quickest paths to employment. In addition, these temporary employees have the “inside track” when a permanent position opens up—knowing the job betterContinue reading “Top Ten: Ways to Make a Temp Job Permanent”

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