Human Resource Issues in the Hospitality Industry

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Hospitality HRNewsMany businesses in the hospitality industry – both small and large have difficulty in understanding their human resource and employment relations obligations whichever country or countries they operate in!

This is understandable given the raft of legislation and regulations governing (drowning) the employment environment in which governments seem to revel in.

The hospitality industry is certainly no exception and in many cases is more complex than the average business.

In this publication Biz Momentum will outline important employment matters that will assist in reducing the ‘stress’ factors you may be experiencing directly related to the hospitality industry which Biz Momentum is actively involved in a hands on capacity.

Did you know;

It has been reliably estimated that 75% of businesses do not have an employee agreements and employment related policies & procedures. In the event of a dispute the law will decide for you and this almost always goes against you, the employer;

Worldwide bullying and sexual harassment claims are escalating. The average cost of a claim is $36,500 – $250,000 and recently in one country an employee was awarded $1,000,000. This comes directly off your bottom line profit;

Workplace rape and sodomy is on the increase in the hospitality industry and we have witnessed the resultant trauma, ill will and bad publicity for your hotel, restaurant or workplace where this occurred…

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ZOMBIES! The True Cost of a Bad Hire

Forty-one percent of companies estimate that a bad hire cost them more than $25,000.
One in four say it cost them over $50,000…
And these estimates are conservative.
Yikes! I Hired a Zombie!
Image: Vitamin T

Frightening, right?

Calculating employee turnover costs is always tricky. For those brave enough to try, simply add:

  • Cost of time spent writing/posting jobs descriptions, reviewing resumes & interviewing candidates
  • Cost of time spent training & providing orientation
  • Cost of salary, benefits and perks
  • Cost of providing severance or (oh no!) dealing with a lawsuit

Then add some of the less-obvious costs:

  • Lost clients and new business opportunities
  • Substandard work with rework, due to poor skills or mistakes
  • Inefficient management of time and resources
  • Missed deadlines
  • Poor attitudes and lower morale

The numbers are gruesome and impact both hiring managers and their teams.

Vitamin T created an infographic to help you avoid hiring the wrong person. They have worked with thousands of clients of all shapes and sizes, so they know how to spot a zombie.

Besides, we all love zombies… As long as you don’t hire one!

Infographic after the jump…

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Top Ten: Ways to Make a Temp Job Permanent

Top Ten Ways to Make A Temp Job PermanantMany companies choose to “test” an employee before filling a vacancy, by hiring through temporary services, as contract workers or as interns. For the job seeker, a “temp” position is one of the quickest paths to employment.

In addition, these temporary employees have the “inside track” when a permanent position opens up—knowing the job better than anyone from outside the company.

Although a temp-to-hire situation is not guaranteed, there are several ways to increase the odds in your favor if and when a regular job opens up.

Ten terrific ways to help make a temp job permanent:

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