Getting Your Resume Past the Robots

Application Screening Software

More companies are using resume screening software, in response to the higher number of resumes submitted. The first strategy in getting your resume read–by a human–is understanding how these programs work.

This infographic from resume web app Resunate illustrates the basic process:

  1. Your resume is run through a parser, which removes the styling from the resume and breaks the text down into recognized words or phrases.
  2. The parser then sorts that content into different categories: Education, contact info, skills, and work experience.
  3. The employer’s desired skills or keywords are matched against the results from above.
  4. Your resume is scored on relevancy—using semantic matching against the employer’s search terms and your years of experience.

So, clearly, it’s vital to include relevant text in your resume—but not to indiscriminately load up your resume with words from the job description. The best results come from a SEO type strategy (more on that later). (Besides, many job applicants try to be clever, and will be using the same keywords in their resumes.)

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Is Your Career in Danger? Take the Test!

Eight Questions to Make Sure You’re on Track for Career Success

Monster WorldwideGreat careers are like gardens; they are cultivated and carefully tended. Like a garden, success takes work! And like a garden, the best careers can bear some wonderful fruit.

The process of tending to the garden of your career should have (in no small part) an awareness of where you are and where you are going. You have probably heard the saying “you don’t know where you are going unless you know where you have been.” It may sound trite, but when it comes to your career, it is the absolute truth! Continue reading “Is Your Career in Danger? Take the Test!”

More Than a Job Search: Tips For The Career of Your Dreams!

Concern yourself with who you truly are—your personality and talents. Understanding yourself can be the foundation of a rewarding career.
Employee of the Month Reserved Parking Sign

For many people, a career is simply their way to make a living. After all, there are bills to pay and fun things to buy. Of course, your main goal may only be to make some extra cash.

On the other hand, you may be someone who wants more out of life, perhaps to follow a passion.

That is when your job search becomes more than finding a job—it becomes a quest for your passion.

At that point, it becomes important to dig deeper—into what you want from your working life. Continue reading “More Than a Job Search: Tips For The Career of Your Dreams!”