Beyond Money: How to Win and Keep Top Performers

Learn the secrets for Human Resources to keep employees happy, productive and  supporting businesses through the tough economic times. All successful companies have one thing in common—dedicated and satisfied employees. These people are the heart of any thriving company, found at every level of an organization—from Human Resources departments and the boardroom to the mailContinue reading “Beyond Money: How to Win and Keep Top Performers”

Corporate Secrecy: Bad For Business

Companies most guarded about succession plans, often failing to communicate about training and leadership programs. A sense of mystery may be appropriate for horror movies, but it is certainly unsuitable for human resources departments and the company’s long-term health. Secrecy continues to be a general business practice, especially at the top of the organization, according toContinue reading “Corporate Secrecy: Bad For Business”

With Better Times: Workers Look For New Opportunities

Over One Third of Workers Intending to Move Jobs When Recession Ends Better economic conditions will provide massive relief for everyone in business. Recovering job markets will also present another challenge for HR departments worldwide—a mass shift of workers from jobs, in search for better opportunities. A survey by Robert Half International asked professionals about theirContinue reading “With Better Times: Workers Look For New Opportunities”

Two Cases Show Critical Need for HR Involvement

A great post by Julie Tappero for Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal: In Cedar Falls, Iowa, the heartland of America, the CEO of a successful brokerage firm, Peregrine Financial Group, has been charged with 31 counts of fraud. Russell Wasendorf Sr. allegedly stole over $200 million from his customers over a 20-year period. In the hallowed halls of PennContinue reading “Two Cases Show Critical Need for HR Involvement”

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