6 Steps To Calculate Talent Management ROI

Increasingly, organizations look to return on investment (ROI) of departments traditionally difficult to quantify, such as hiring and talent management. It may be tough, but it can be done!

English: Cost-Volume-Profit diagram, decomposi...

Investors, CEOs and executives are constantly examining administration costs, for accurate ways to calculate ROI.

In fact, no corporate sector is immune to ROI scrutiny. Research and Development, as well as training and other departments with “softer” (not easily quantified) costs, suffer under the same economic microscope, at least to a certain degree.

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Restaurants Save BIG With Web Hiring Tools!

Restaurant chains now are using web-based hiring and onboarding tools to reduce hiring costs; savings are more than half of the cost of traditional hiring methods.

HotSchedules has announced a partnership with Virginia-based restaurants Roger Brown’s and The Cove Tavern, for labor organization and hiring process tools.

The web-based labor management service uses web-based intuitive and flexible employee scheduling, communications and paperless hiring solutions for the restaurant industry.

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Small Buisness Digest: Buisness Voices Now Online!

Small Business Digest

Guest Voices

Business enterprise gets a new, informative voice with the launch of the online version of Small Business Digest.

For October 2012, Information Strategies Inc. introduces an electronic version of Small Business Digest, the print version being the place–for more than 10 years–leaders turned to get valuable insights on the business landscape.

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Delivering brand promise through human resources

From a great post by Carla Enslin, for BizCommunity.com:

Brand-Timeline Portrait

If the statement still seems arguable, there is now a large groundswell of opinion that brand building is no mere function of marketing or communication, but rather a primary activity that engages the entire business value chain, from service or product ideation to the design and construction of business systems. Continue reading “Delivering brand promise through human resources”