Learning from a Bad Boss

Many things (both good and bad) can happen in the workplace. One of worst is working under a bad boss. The way a boss can be bad is as varied as management styles—a bad boss can either disrespectful, incompetent  offensive, arrogant or any combination. They could even be a decent person, but have poor leadership skills. Having a lousy boss doesn’tContinue reading “Learning from a Bad Boss”

How Small Business Can Hire The Best Talent

As the economy is beginning to show signs of a (slow) recovery, the focus is on the hiring patterns of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). SMBs are the leading indicators of business growth; their preference in hiring new employees will give everyone else hope for a brighter future. College graduates are increasingly turning to SMBsContinue reading “How Small Business Can Hire The Best Talent”

How to Build a Personal Brand [Infographic]

The key to any job search is to have the skills and experience that employers need.  More than that, to be truly successful, job seekers must also develop a strategy to market those skills. An advanced job search must effectively communicate that a candidate knows what they are doing, shows accomplishments and their potential forContinue reading “How to Build a Personal Brand [Infographic]”

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