Learning from a Bad Boss

Learning From A Bad BossMany things (both good and bad) can happen in the workplace. One of worst is working under a bad boss. The way a boss can be bad is as varied as management styles—a bad boss can either disrespectful, incompetent  offensive, arrogant or any combination.

They could even be a decent person, but have poor leadership skills.

Having a lousy boss doesn’t mean you cannot learn how to be a better employee—and perhaps a better boss  later on in your career.

Here are several ways you can learn from a terrible boss—and improve your own future:

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How Small Business Can Hire The Best Talent

How Small Business Can Hire The Best Talent
Image: cvhs.cguhsd.org

As the economy is beginning to show signs of a (slow) recovery, the focus is on the hiring patterns of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

SMBs are the leading indicators of business growth; their preference in hiring new employees will give everyone else hope for a brighter future.

College graduates are increasingly turning to SMBs for a foothold in the job market; small business is where many find their first jobs right out of school.

As a “canary in the coalmine” for the economic health of the country, small business is faced with the task of finding the best talent possible—and it IS a challenge.

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How to Build a Personal Brand [Infographic]

Personal Branding Step-By-StepThe key to any job search is to have the skills and experience that employers need.  More than that, to be truly successful, job seekers must also develop a strategy to market those skills.

An advanced job search must effectively communicate that a candidate knows what they are doing, shows accomplishments and their potential for the future.  That means the to be the best talent, job seekers should have a laundry list of expertise—incorporating hard skills of learning and experience and soft skills of personality and character.

One way to wrap yourself effectively in one dynamite employment package is through a marketing strategy called branding. Creating a personal brand is the most direct way to “deliver the goods” to prospective employers; an organized way to prove who you are as both an employee and as a person;  in addition to what you can “bring to the table” as a benefit to the targeted employer.

How to start a personal brand? First, you must understand yourself—your strengths, weaknesses and passions. Focus your efforts on the strong points in your resume and reinforce the weak spots, so your brand can ensure that you are a winner!

Use this infographic from Mattias Gronborg, a Social Media Guru, to discover how to build your personal branding.

Infographic after the jump…

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