4 Biggest Mistakes: Crafting Great Job Descriptions

In the steps leading to recruiting, hiring and training your next top employee—the most valuable stage is crafting the job description. So why are there so many mistakes? A complete job description is like any other piece of great sales copy—it engages, informs and creates a strong call-to-action. Why is it that so many human resources departments makeContinue reading “4 Biggest Mistakes: Crafting Great Job Descriptions”

Shed the Burden of Content Management with Content as a Service

Receive Your Complimentary White Paper NOW! Learn how Content as a Service allows you to realize the full advantage of your Human Resources eLearning initiative. Many organizations and HR departments are held back in their company training programs, underestimating the time, effort and knowledge required to successfully roll out eLearning locally or globally. This canContinue reading “Shed the Burden of Content Management with Content as a Service”

State of Recruitment 2012 [Infographic]

Talent Technology gathered data in their 2012 recruitment survey for giving businesses a solid recruiting strategy to find the best talent possible. See the biggest challenges most companies face while recruiting for talent, the time spent on specific recruiting tasks, and where the best candidates are generally found (spoiler alert: it’s LinkedIn!) Infographic after the jump…

Top Ten: Your First Day On the Job

Preparing for your first day on a new job can be more than a little intimidating; you are stepping into an environment with many unknowns—variables that are next to impossible to get before you step into the office. It can be frightening, but is also one of the most exciting moments in your life. AlthoughContinue reading “Top Ten: Your First Day On the Job”

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