Hurricane Sandy: Are Your HR People Ready?

From: When Disaster Strikes: How HR Can Prepare Your Workforce for Crisis
Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy making its way to the Northeast US.

Hurricane Sandy is preparing to pound the East Coast of the United States; the storm is predicted to be one of the worst in years. Flooding, blowing winds, snow and ice make this particular event potentially devastating on businesses, workers and HR departments in the area.

What compounds the problem is that Sandy arrives in the middle of a work week. As anyone who has experienced severe weather knows, storm conditions can make going to and from the job particularly dangerous. Getting stuck at work can also be a problem, especially for workers with families and small children.

Minutes before a natural disaster hits should not be the time for human resources departments to think about contingency plans. Since this threat is now looming large for significant parts of the Northeast U.S., it might be an appropriate opportunity for every human resources department—those not in the path of the storm—to evaluate their readiness in case of disaster.

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Job Seekers: You Are Being Watched!

Beware: Potential Employers Are Watching You
The Wall Street Journal

Everyone is aware of the significance of a strong first impression; for job seekers, it could make or break their chances.

The way you are seen as a candidate and potential employee is critical, especially when you have invested so much time and effort developing a personal brand.

As impressions go, resumes and interview skills should be no-brainers. Few will argue the importance of being seen as competent and experienced. Resumes should always be honest, readable and error free; interview performances are confident and well-practiced.

However, what if none of those are the first thing a potential employer sees? What appears when the recruiter or human resources department does a basic Google search prior to the interview? Would they find anything disqualifying? Who would be the judge?

In a growing number of cases, the online profile is the first thing employers learn about an applicant. Internet searches are easy to implement, so it is inevitable that they would go first to the web. Nothing is keeping a company from performing searches of publicly available information.

Of course, social media feeds are now commonplace; with that, images of indiscretions are just as common. Nearly all of us have something regretful posted online.  Is that an innocent mistake, or a sign of poor decision-making?

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