For the Holidays, Retailers See More In The Cloud

See on – Digital Human Resources News Everyone knows this is the best time of year retailers. For retailers using the cloud for e-commerce, this holiday could be one of the best. Analysts say e-commerce platforms have now become mandatory, essential software for any retailer, from a business-to-business or business-to-consumer company. Everyone is beginningContinue reading “For the Holidays, Retailers See More In The Cloud”

Why Wall Street Loves SaaS

Software-as-a-Service companies have shown a tremendous success on Wall Street—since July, the stock of Human Resources Management pioneer rose a whopping 828% a share. Stock in enterprise software company Workday shot up 73% on opening day of trading. The success of the wildly popular Inc., as well as the Workday IPO from earlierContinue reading “Why Wall Street Loves SaaS”

Building a Safer, Dependable Workforce Using Background Checks [Infographic]

Anyone who works in a company with a Human Resources person or department knows, HR covers a lot of ground. Most HR personnel are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities–recruitment and hiring;  compliance and benefits administration; conflict resolution, training and asset protection. One essential job of HR is safety; making sure that employees are safe and companies free from legalContinue reading “Building a Safer, Dependable Workforce Using Background Checks [Infographic]”

5 Recruitment Fails!

A well-thought recruitment strategy can be the lifeblood of a successful organization. Bringing in the right expertise is required to support a company, keeping it fresh, innovative, competitive and always at the top of the game. Unfortunately, companies often see recruitment as a burden. They want nothing to do with it, and when they do,Continue reading “5 Recruitment Fails!”

TribeHR Announces Reseller Program

TribeHR, a leading provider of social HR software platforms, introduced their new  TribeHR Reseller Program. This innovative program is designed for HR consultants and service providers, who now can provide a comprehensive HR software platform. TribeHR joins companies such as UltiPro, SuccessFactors and Ovation to produce web-based HR software platform for businesses to manage theContinue reading “TribeHR Announces Reseller Program”

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