5 Reasons Why Your Resume Bombed

Good morning, job seekers! You know the drill. Wake up, get some coffee, grab a bite to eat, fire up the computer and check your email.  If you are like most people, your inbox is already crammed with messages; some important, but most are junk, ads or spam. Today, searching for a new job onlineContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Your Resume Bombed”

No Bad Hires: Interview Questions to Ask First!

For both employers and job seekers, the whole process of filling a vacant position rests on one thing — a great interview. Much hangs in the balance, and the dialogue of the interview can be the deciding factor. Hiring the wrong employee—not just lacking skills, but a poor fit for the company culture—can cost thousandsContinue reading “No Bad Hires: Interview Questions to Ask First!”

1 in 5 Recruitment Searches Are Now Mobile

“Job seekers want to be able to search for a job anytime, anyplace, anywhere and not just via a desktop anymore” From PRWEB: New figures from Google show that job seekers are changing their search habits as 1 in 5 recruitment searches are now carried out on a mobile device. These new figures were revealed byContinue reading “1 in 5 Recruitment Searches Are Now Mobile”

Job Search Stuck In Neutral? Do This NOW!

Every game has a break in the action, the slack moments when little goes on. Job searches are no different; there will be periods of downtime, with no forward movement toward the next phase of your career. Stuck in neutral?  Here are three main job search areas to focus on NOW. Work on them immediately,Continue reading “Job Search Stuck In Neutral? Do This NOW!”

Expect Failure: Only Then You Can Win!

After an extended search for new opportunities, there is one thing you can expect; something guaranteed to happen at one time or another. You are going to FAIL! Either an employer will not call back, or will call back to say the job went to someone “more experienced” or “having more skills” to do theContinue reading “Expect Failure: Only Then You Can Win!”

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