9 Questions for Getting Hired

The most important decision a company makes about employees is whether to hire them. Whether a company succeeds or fails ultimately depends on whether it hired the right people to effectively execute its strategies. For job seekers, the primary goal is finding the right job for your skills, talents and personality. The resume is anContinue reading “9 Questions for Getting Hired”

Who Is YOUR Customer? The Language of Resumes

A resume has one clear goal; like any marketing or promotional document, it exists to make an extremely valuable sale. The product your resume sells? That is YOU! Any advertising pro will tell you that ad copy does not have to appeal to the promoter, senior management or company selling the product. Ad copy isContinue reading “Who Is YOUR Customer? The Language of Resumes”

Getting Your Resume Past the Robots

More companies are using resume screening software, in response to the higher number of resumes submitted. The first strategy in getting your resume read–by a human–is understanding how these programs work. This infographic from resume web app Resunate illustrates the basic process: Your resume is run through a parser, which removes the styling from the resume and breaks the text downContinue reading “Getting Your Resume Past the Robots”

Facebook Tops For Job Seekers [Infographic]

More Job Seekers Use Facebook to Find Work than LinkedIn, Twitter LinkedIn may the choice for professionals and Twitter may be gaining popularity, but Facebook is still the king of social media for job seekers, a new study shows. In 2012, 88 percent of job seekers have at least one social media profile, according toContinue reading “Facebook Tops For Job Seekers [Infographic]”

The New Job Hunt [Inforgraphic]

Candidates now treat the job search like any other major purchase, by learning about companies and comparing them online. Passive job seekers may be a thing of the past, with seven out of ten full-time workers searching for new opportunities. The ease of online access is making most employees open to changing jobs, with a slight advantage going toContinue reading “The New Job Hunt [Inforgraphic]”

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