A Storm of HR Responsibility [INFOGRAPHIC]

Storm of Human Resources ResponsibilitiesOften, companies with fewer than 50 employees do not have a dedicated Human Resources (HR) person.

Even fewer have a definite HR department.

Minor tasks, such as…

  • Payroll processing
  • Background checks
  • Retirement/benefit management

… are becoming increasingly pivotal roles for a company. On top of that, federal and state employment regulations are continually changing, demanding even more time from your staff to research which apply to your business and how to stay in compliance.

HR responsibilities is a storm every business must bear.

With growth is an increasing demand for HR management services—including benefits, technology and education. Outsourcing core HR functions is a time and cost-saving solution, and can be an excellent alternative to hiring a dedicated HR person or expanding staff.

The following infographic from Doherty Employer Services illustrates the factors in deciding to outsource your core HR functions. It can show business owners why outsourcing HR services have become so popular in the past few years:

 Inforgraphic after the jump…


Storm of Human Resources Responsibilities
Infographic Courtesy: http://www.dohertyhro.com

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