The Best Social Media Tools for Small Business

5 Social Media Recruiting Tools for Small Business In the past, large companies devoted huge amounts of money to recruitment of the best talent, often leaving small business in the dust. For someone with a small startup, both time and money are in short supply. This leaves many entrepreneurs looking for hassle-free ways to bring on great people quickly. SocialContinue reading “The Best Social Media Tools for Small Business”

TribeHR Announces Reseller Program

TribeHR, a leading provider of social HR software platforms, introduced their new  TribeHR Reseller Program. This innovative program is designed for HR consultants and service providers, who now can provide a comprehensive HR software platform. TribeHR joins companies such as UltiPro, SuccessFactors and Ovation to produce web-based HR software platform for businesses to manage theContinue reading “TribeHR Announces Reseller Program”

1 in 5 Recruitment Searches Are Now Mobile

“Job seekers want to be able to search for a job anytime, anyplace, anywhere and not just via a desktop anymore” From PRWEB: New figures from Google show that job seekers are changing their search habits as 1 in 5 recruitment searches are now carried out on a mobile device. These new figures were revealed byContinue reading “1 in 5 Recruitment Searches Are Now Mobile”

History of Social Media [Infographic]

Let me tell you a secret… “Social Media” is not a new phenomenon. In addition, the activity we call “social sharing” is something we have been doing for years—especially outside the popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Since the creation of the Internet (the first ARPANET email was sent in 1971) users have shared information through “darkContinue reading “History of Social Media [Infographic]”

How To Hire The Best For Small Business

For companies of any size, it could be said that hiring is the most basic human resources function. Without good employees, a small business has little chance to flourish. Think about the ultimate small business employee. They are… Competent. Dependable. Reliable. Honest. Inventive. The list goes on. A small business owner needs to have theContinue reading “How To Hire The Best For Small Business”

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