13 Things HR WON’T Tell You

The road to getting an excellent job is never in a straight line. Often, it is filled with twists, turns, secrets, surprises and (maybe) a few missteps. Many job seekers send out their resumes of recruiters and human resources departments and pray for the best. In many cases, they are left the dark about exactlyContinue reading “13 Things HR WON’T Tell You”

Millennials: Best. Generation. Ever? [Infographic]

Millennials—those workers born after the mid-1980s—are making their presence known in the workplace. They also offer an opportunity to learn about how the world might be changing—for better or worse.This generation enters the workforce as confident, well-educated, and technologically literate—as well as disproportionately unemployed. How will this shape the future? This infographic from OnlineGraduatePrograms.com  explores theContinue reading “Millennials: Best. Generation. Ever? [Infographic]”

5 Recruitment Fails!

A well-thought recruitment strategy can be the lifeblood of a successful organization. Bringing in the right expertise is required to support a company, keeping it fresh, innovative, competitive and always at the top of the game. Unfortunately, companies often see recruitment as a burden. They want nothing to do with it, and when they do,Continue reading “5 Recruitment Fails!”

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